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Quotes ?I have worked with Theresa and her family on projects involving film and theater. Theresa always showed the strongest professional duty, no matter what her position on the project. She was always a team player and went out of her way to insure that everything was run smoothly and everyone was comfortable and confident performing thier duties. Theresa works very well with others and always finds the best method of completing a task without complication. I would work with Theresa at anytime, because I'm confident she will do her work and make my job as easy at could be.? October 31, 2011 Quotes
Steven Wash, Owner
Steven Wash Photography

Quotes ?I met Theresa over a year ago while we were producing a staged reading at the Broomfield Auditorium. She quickly offered to help us with many aspects of the production and made our lives easier during that time. Since then, she has consistently provided quality services to many organizations. I look forward to working with her again.? November 5, 2012 Quotes
Michael Starks, Senior Programmer, LEGO

Quotes ?Theresa worked diligently on my project and was fantastic to work with. She provided all materials I needed (crew, cast and otherwise) and arrived on time during entire production. She went above and beyond the call of duty a few times. It goes without saying that I would hire her again for my next big project!? November 5, 2012 Quotes
Pamela Preston, Producer / Music Manager,
Phoenix Fire Entertainment

Quotes Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity ... Theresa is not only dependable and a go getter, she is very personable and it is impossible not to fall in love with her and her work.? November 5, 2012 Quotes
Naomi Lee, Senior Producer
IMS Productions

Quotes ?She cares about her clients' futures and tries to help them She has found me consistent work and I enjoy working with her on projects? March 5, 2011 Quotes
Ashley M. Kalfas, Actress

Quotes ?Theresa is not only a talented individual but a gifted artist, who is great in business settings, totally professional and wonderful to work with!? October 26, 2011 Quotes
Karilyn Starks, Owner
Waiian Time LLC

Quotes ?Theresa put 100% into the project we were working on and she was there when I needed her! She is an asset to anything she does and you can count on her to provide full service! Not only was she great to work with but she has become a great friend as well!? October 26, 2011 Quotes
Pamela Preston - Producer/Music Manager
Phoenix Fire Entertainment

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